Friday, September 18, 2009

wed 9.16.2009

Spin class with a new instructor. This guy must be at least 60 years old, but still strong as hell. He said he was in his twenties, when Zepplin released A Whole Lotta Love. He's the worst instructor yet. He has no rhythm at all. He doesn't use a mic, so it was hard to hear. Seems so random when we're supposed to sit or stand. A third of the class left before the end. I sticked with it. Mostly stand up exercise. Not a fun class. Tough workout, regardless. Legs were sore for the next two days.

Go live coming up this weekend. Not looking forward to the late night deployment. Hope to be back on regular schedule by Sunday.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Inner City Bike

Giant mtb with a few serious accessories.


Too much eating the last two days. Had to offset it in the spin class. According to the heart rate monitor, I burned off only 980 calories, which is less than when I do 15 miles around the Rosebowl. Funny, today spin class seems to take more out of me than than the ride yesterday. Hope I can stop eatting now...


Another Rosebowl ride. Keeping it easy. Worked on lower resistance, high cadence. Finished in about 58+ minutes.


It was a Friday night, but the wife wants to hit the the gym. Seems like a good idea since I missed out on spin class the day before. Did weights - 2 exercises for chest, back, shoulders, and one for biceps, and tri. Cheat day started. Hope I can stop.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

9.9.9 hmmm

Did spin class at LA Fitness on 9.9.9 - Wed. First time in about 6 months. Got a pretty nice high after. I should do it more often. Probably 70-75% effort overall, but was absolutely soak at the end. Too bad, didn't get to use the heart rate monitor. Hopefully I can come back next Mon and Wed.

Monday, September 7, 2009

9.7.09 When the smoke clears

Finally the smoke cleared, the fire moved east. First time in two week since I ride. I joined Chris and Johnathan at the Rose Bowl for the five laps. They had already been there for 3, by the time I arrived. But I was doing weights at the gym when I got the word. Didn't pace myself very well, I thought I was stronger than I actually am, burned out by the 2nd lap. Thrown in a climb on the 4th lap to make sure Chris had some work out. Johnathan call it quits by then. It was a little warm, but the occasional breeze, the blue sunny sky made for a great ridding day.